Video screengrab shows Joe Jenkins playing the piano underwater.— Instagram/Joe Jenkins
Video screengrab shows Joe Jenkins playing the piano underwater.— Instagram/Joe Jenkins

Joe Jenkins, a Bristol-based YouTube sensation who frequently plays the piano in unexpected settings, has surprised the internet with his most recent jaw-dropping stunt. 

This time, he took his piano and dove to the bottom of the ocean, playing the instrument while submerged. As seen on social media, Jenkins has performed in front of Buckingham Palace before, on a boat, and even in a hot air balloon.

Jenkins posted a video of the incident through his official Instagram account, with a caption that read: “I Played ‘Under The Sea’… UNDER THE SEA.”

He can be seen playing ‘Under the sea’ from the animated film The Little Mermaid on a yellow piano while sporting complete diving gear and a breathing device in the video.

Speaking to the BBC, Jenkins remarked: “I dunked it in the water and went down there and dove and played it. Now I’ve finally managed to just about pull it off.” 

He believes he is the first person to play a functional piano while it was completely submerged in water.

Jenkins spent two years planning the trick. He claimed that adhering to health and safety requirements, being able to dive safely, and making sure the piano functioned underwater were his major challenges. The piano, which is currently in storage, still functions, he told the outlet, even though it is “horribly out of tune” and “extremely rusty.”

Fans of the YouTuber and other social media users rushed to the comment section to appreciate the act and express shock and admiration.

One user wrote, ” You are my hero!!! Love this and everything that you put your mind to!” 

“Fantastic Joe. We’re your hands very cold?” a curious user asked.

“Literally amazing! I know what I’ll be doing next time I go to the sea,” a third said.

“This is legit science and thank you for being so creative!” another chimed in.

The young “piano man” recently celebrated reaching four million subscribers on YouTube.


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