Dior is facing criticism over the gifts included in its $3,500 advent calendar after customers opened the drawers to find candle lids and sample-size bottles of perfumes.

The French luxury fashion house bills its limited-edition La Collection Privée Christion Dior The Trunk of Dreams 2022 advent calendar as “much more than an advent calendar”.

“Much more than an advent calendar, this marvelous, miniature universe is ready to welcome your precious objects and elevate your interior,” the description on Dior’s website states, adding that the calendar is “made up of a wooden structure lined with cotton canvas and featuring sketches by Pietro Ruffo”.

As for the gifts included in the expensive price tag, the designer brand notes that “it partnered with artistic creator La Maison Franc in order to translate the fragrant art of living,” with most drawers containing either a scented candle or a small bottle of perfume.

However, the advent calendar also includes multiple bars of soap and “candle accessories,” including a stand, a lid and a snuffer.

On TikTok, where beauty influencer Jackie Aina has been sharing videos of herself unboxing each of the gifts inside the drawers with her followers, many viewers have been left unimpressed by the trinkets.

In a video uploaded on Sunday, Aina opened multiple drawers. That day, she unveiled a bar of soap, while day three consisted of a mini bottle of perfume. The fourth day of the advent calendar included a large candle, while the fifth drawer included another small perfume.

The video then showed Aina opening drawer number six, only to find a lid for the candle.

“Ooh, something shiny,” she said as she opened the drawer, before realising what it was. “Uh girl? The lid to the candle I think? Uh, okay. Whatever that means.”

In a follow-up video posted on Monday, Aina continued unboxing the advent calendar while noting that “it is what it is, but it isn’t that great”. In the 11th drawer, she found another small candle.

The influencer then proceeded to show all of the products she’d received in the advent calendar so far, before claiming that the four mini bottles of fragrance don’t count because “lovely scents aside, these come as free gifts with purchases”.

Aina was also not impressed with the gifts in the 12th and 13th drawers. In thpse, she received another small bottle of perfume and a circular silver item, which she thought was a singular drink coaster, but was actually a candle stand.

“I think this is supposed to be a coaster, I’m almost positive,” she said, before admitting it “definitely looked like a lid for a second”.

The TikToker then held up the candle stand and the lid for comparison, while noting that the stand is “way heavier” and has a soft fabric underside.

The unboxing videos, which have been viewed millions of times each, have left viewers shocked. Many have criticised Dior’s decision to place the candle lid in a separate drawer.

“WAIT. Excuse me, they dedicated a whole advent calendar day for a lid for your candle,” one person commented, while another said: “I’m deeply offended at the lid, @dior. That’s freaking wild.”

“The lid? Dior is disrespectful for that,” someone else claimed.

Others suggested that none of the gifts were worth the price of the advent calendar and that Aina should return the calendar.

“Door 24 better be a refund,” one viewer joked, while someone else said the calendar seemed like it was made up of “testers that they need to get rid of”.

“I’m crying this is the worst calendar,” another viewer wrote.

The videos also sparked comparisons to the viral criticism of the $800 Chanel advent calendar from 2021. That advent calendar notably included cheap trinkets like stickers, a keychain and a Chanel dustbag.

“Chanel advent 2.0,” one user wrote in the comments under Aina’s video.

The backlash over the gifts has made its way to Twitter as well, where people have continued to question the items included in the calendar.

“Not the Dior advent calendar having a candle in one box then the lid to the candles in another??” one tweet, which has since been liked more than 98,000 times, reads.

The Independent has contacted Dior for comment.


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