It appears Murtasim Khan will always protect his Meerab; both in reel and real life. After veteran actor Nadia Jamil defended Yumna Zaidi against Nadia Afgan’s comments about her, Tere Bin co-star Wahaj Ali also stepped in to praise the Parizaad actor.
 On Monday, Ali took to his Instagram Stories and shared a post highlight Jamil’s praise for Zaidi. “Nadia api,” he wrote and added a heart emoji to thank her for defending Zaidi. “[Yumna] has such a natural talent for acting. It’s a pleasure to work with someone who is so skilled and dedicated to their craft,” he asserted.
 Wahaj and Yumna have shared screens in Dil Na Umeed Toh Nahi and the highly popular and controversial drama Tere Bin. People might not like the storyline for Tere Bin anymore but the duo and their chemistry has always worked wonders on screen.

In a recent interview on Chocolate Times, Afgan expressed her opinion about Zaidi. When asked by the host about which female actor she considers overrated, Afgan took the Tere Bin star’s name. However, fellow actor Jamil quickly came to Zaidi’s defence, highlighting her exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft.

In a series of tweets, when asked about Afgan calling Zaidi overrated, Jamil stated, “Well, that’s Afgan’s opinion. She has a right to it. I think Zaidi is brilliant and I think she deserves high praise. She’s a hard-working, versatile actor who creates beautiful characters that entertain millions. She works hard on her craft. It’s obvious and I respect that. I also believe that there is no great actor or bad actor. There are only great performances and weak performances. All actors can give us both.”

Jamil also highlighted the importance of recognising that there are no inherently good or bad actors; rather, it is the performances that can be judged as outstanding or weak. In her opinion, Zaidi has delivered numerous fabulous performances, and her commitment to her craft is evident, much like esteemed actors such as Sania Saeed and Samiya Mumtaz.


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