Shahid and Mira are exuding some serious couple goals too. (Images: Instagram)

Shahid and Mira are exuding some serious couple goals too. (Images: Instagram)

What do you think of Mira’s uber-chic airport look, goals or not?

Mira Rajput is always on point when it comes to fashion, her sartorial sense is simply beyond words. Each of Mira’s outfits is well-planned and executed in an even better way. In recent times, she has been setting some major fashion goals and we cannot wait to see what awaits us.

Just a while back, Mira was spotted alongside her husband Shahid Kapoor and her two adorable kids jetting off for a family vacation and Mira as always looked amazing. In case, you have missed out on her look, check it out here-

Mira sported a classic comfy athleisure look which is always apt if you are travelling for long hours and have to sit in a compact place for a longer duration of time. Her co-ord athleisure wear seemed simple yet stunning at the very same time and she carried it with a certain kind of panache.

The outfit was sourced from the super-popular brand Le Mill which focuses quite a bit on the Parisian intricacies of style. The lilac shade of the outfit complimented her oh-so-well!

While the logo-embroidered jacket is priced at Rs. 39,000 and the drawstring flared pants at Rs. 32,300. If you total the two up, the outfit is actually worth Rs. 71,300. However, if you are someone who would like to get the same outfit then there is good news for you, which is that the website does offer a discount at times and you can get the outfit at around Rs. 42,780.

Mira chose to opt for a simple round-necked black tee under the lilac jacket which blended with the entire look pretty well. She opted for a Christian Dior-coloured tote and the sneakers looked chic. Mira went ahead with a no-makeup look and flaunted her bare skin with confidence.


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