Prince William is seemingly finding solace in his mother-in-law as wife Kate Middleton fights cancer.

The Prince of Wales, who was spotted in a pub alongside Kate’s mum Carole Middleton, is heavily relying on the latter amid the Royal Family health crisis.

An insider tells Daily Mail how William has found his ‘second mum’ in Carole.

The source revealed: “It was all very low-key, with no great fanfare. He just walked in and through the pub. He appeared to be with Carole Middleton.

Meanwhile, Royal expert Jennifer Bond touches upon how Carole is concerned for Kate amid her cancer treatment.

She told The Mirror: “We should also spare a thought for another mother in this – Carole Middleton. Catherine may be 42, but she is still Carole’s little girl, and to watch her go through this and withstand the bullying pressure to explain must have been desperately upsetting. She has no doubt been a tower of strength and a comforting presence for the children, but she, too, will need reassurance.”


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