Meghan Markle is seemingly spotted less confident as she goes out and about with Prince Harry.

The Duchess of Sussex, who attended a charity polo match with the Duke of Sussex at Palm Beach, Miami on Friday, was seen lacking self-assurance.

Body language expert Judi James tells Daily Express US: “For royal males the polo match is the glitziest event in the calendar as the polo field is where they like to perform some intense Jilly Cooper-style peacocking, galloping around on horseback in their tight white riding britches and unbuttoned shirts or adopting macho poses with the other members of their team.

Ms James adds: “It’s an easy choice of venue for Harry with his Netflix cameras then although it’s unusual for a polo wag to join in the glitz like Meghan is in her killer heels here.

“Polo has a tradition of divot-stomping at half time when wags tend to get out there to flatten the grass with their feet which presumably isn’t Meghan’s intention,” notes Judi.

“The couple present like film stars here, holding hands as they pose and smile for the cameras, even lining up arm in arm with Harry’s polo partner and his wife. Meghan is all huge shades, wide smiles and royal waves here while Harry’s puffed chest and confident stride suggests he is in his absolute element.

“Meghan only looks slightly less assured when she is in the paddock with him before the match starts, where her folded arms make her look a little less confident,” the expert established.


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