Every Indian city has a set of foods that practically form its identity. For Mumbai, it would be vada pav while for Indore it would be poha jalebi. A trip to these Indian cities would be incomplete without trying these delicious foods. And it turns out that we are not alone in thinking this! Recently, the Norwegian Ambassador to India and Bhutan, Hans Jacob Frydenlund, took to Twitter to share glimpses of his ‘Golgappa Saturday’. The diplomat tried the yummy treat at Delhi’s South Extension market and he said it made him a ‘proper dilliwala‘. Take a look at the tweet he shared:

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“It’s a Golgappa Saturday at South extension market! Or pani puri? Or what should I call it,” asked Frydenlund in his tweet. “No matter what it’s called, it’s yum! I am turning into a proper dilliwala now. What else should I try? Any suggestions,” he added.
Shared on June 24, the tweet by the Norwegian ambassador has received over 184k views and thousands of comments and likes. “I hope you enjoyed the tangy taste, a great appetiser,” wrote one user. “When in Bengaluru, remember me, I will treat you to wonderful ghee dosa and awesome filter coffee,” said another one. Meanwhile, a few others recommended what else he could try in Delhi. “Chole bhature, Sitaram, Paharganj, Delhi,” said one user.
Meanwhile, another Twitter user named Vikram Sathaye came up with an interesting suggestion for the Norwegian ambassador. “Sir let’s develop a joint dish called Norwegian Salmon Gol Gappa to further consolidate the relationship between our countries,” he wrote on Twitter. The diplomat took to Twitter to reply, “Ceviche made of salmon in a puri would be a treat and an excellent Indo-Norwegian-South-American fusion.” Take a look at the Twitter exchange:

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