“Keep your friends close, and your french fries closer.” Wouldn’t you agree? After all, these crunchy, salty potato fingers can never disappoint us foodies. Whether you’re craving comfort, planning a snack platter or enjoying a burger, fries are a must-have. In case, you get bored of the plain salty taste, top it off with some shredded cheese, oregano, peri peri spice mix or any other seasoning. It seems that Malaika Arora also shares our love for these finger-licking treats. Malaika, who jetted off to Goa (as per an update on Instagram), shared that she is going to miss this particular finger food from a Mumbai restaurant. The actress posted a photograph of these crispy delights on her Instagram Stories. “Gonna miss these fries,” she captioned the image. Check it out here: 

Craving restaurant-style fries at home? You can easily recreate their magic by yourself. All you have to do is follow five important tips. Check them out here.

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While Malaika Arora loves to gorge on these yummy finger foods, her heart sings for a desi meal. If you follow the actress on social media, you would know that dal, chawal, with a side of pickle is Malaika’s comfort meal. In her last foodie update, Malaika also revealed that she had found the “best sabudana khichdi”. She shared a picture of a bowl of sabudana khichdi with a slice of lemon on the side, on her Instagram Stories. From the picture, it was easy to guess that the dish was prepared with curry leaves, potato and black mustard seeds. For an additional crunch, it was topped off with roasted peanuts. Read all about it here.

Visiting cities and exploring their most-popular foods is one of Malaika Arora’s favourite hobbies. During her Delhi visit in July, the actress ditched the Chole Bhature for this household favourite dish. Any guesses? She even called it her “staple” choice when in the capital city. Find out what it was here.

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