From sharing tiffins to relishing canteen samosas and patties, lunchtime was surely the most cherished and awaited hour of school life for every student. And, our teachers were surely aware of that. This is why, whenever they hear any student giving an excuse that they forgot to do their homework or bring their assignment, they hit back with an instant reply—“Have you ever forgotten to eat?” This simple statement would leave any brilliant student speechless. Now, it appears the tables have turned. Apparently, a student gave the same reply to his mathematics teacher, after he made a simple mistake of forgetting. A picture on the chat was posted on Twitter, and it has taken the internet by storm.
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A Twitter user shared a screenshot of their WhatsApp conversation. The screenshot shows a student asking his mathematics teacher about some PDF file that he was supposed to send. To this, the teacher said that while he forgot to do it, he would send it right away. According to the post, the student texted, “Sir, yesterday you told me that you are going to send PDF files.” Responding to this, the teacher wrote, “Oh, I forgot, wait I am sending you…” The student asked, “Sir, have you ever forgotten to eat?” The post was shared with the caption, “He was waiting his whole life for this moment.”

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Twitter user.

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A comment read, “Now bro can sleep peacefully.”

Another user hilariously said, “Bro straight up put the UNO reverse”.

Many users claimed that this reply gave them relief, as the user commented, “OMG the sukoon I got.”

What do you think of the student’s response to his teacher?

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