Sometimes, our definition of comfort food is a delicious roll stuffed with our favourite ingredients. And one of the most beloved filling options has to be paneer. Soft and creamy paneer pairs well with various veggies and spices. Hence, you can make many types of rolls with it – paneer tikka roll, kathi roll, bhuna roll, etc. But one of the best things about paneer is that it doesn’t need to be cooked to be relished. So if you’re looking for a quick meal/ snack fix with minimum cooking involved, you can always rely on paneer. And our suggestion is you try making these instant masala paneer rolls.
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Is Masala Paneer Roll Healthy?

This instant paneer roll contains fibre (roti/ paratha), protein (paneer) and essential nutrients (vegetables and spices). What makes this dish particularly healthy is that no extra oil is added while making the stuffing for the rolls. The only oil/ ghee required is for roasting the rotis/ parathas. Hence, it is relatively lower in calories than other types of rolls with stir-fried ingredients. This recipe also does not use cheese, which is commonly added in street-style rolls for extra decadence. A little bit of mayonnaise is added, but it is optional. If you want to make these rolls even healthier, you can choose to make the rotis using millet flour rather than maida or whole wheat flour. It will still taste equally yummy!
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These paneer rolls are nutritious and tasty. Photo Credit: iStock

How To Make Masala Paneer Roll At Home | Quick And Easy Recipe For Spicy Paneer Roll

Take a slab of paneer and crumble/ cut it into fine pieces. Next, add chopped veggies (onions, tomatoes, capsicum in a large bowl. Add spices such as red chilli powder, pepper, amchur powder, etc., to the veggies and mix well. Add chopped green chillies, mint leaves and coriander. In place of these three, you could add hari (green) chutney as well. Finally, add paneer and salt to taste.

Combine the ingredients of the stuffing well. Spoon generous amounts of it in roasted rotis/ parathas and roll them tightly. You can choose to spread some mayonnaise on them before adding the stuffing. Serve the rolls with ketchup and/ or chutney. Pair with chilli sauce for extra spiciness.

Click here for the detailed recipe for Instant Paneer Roll.

What To Do With Leftover Paneer Filling?

You can also slit bread rolls and add the same masaledar filling inside them. You can also use the paneer filling for a grilled sandwich or stuffed paratha. So many delightful treats which can be made super quickly! Paneer never disappoints, does it?

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