Indian food can be enhanced with a variety of accompaniments. Pickle, curd, chutney, green chillies – you name and chances are we already have these in our kitchen ready to go on our plates. There is another side dish that combines curd and green chillies to make curd chilli or dahi mirchi, as it is called in Hindi. Dahi mirchi is a popular side dish in Gujarat and Rajasthan that tickles our taste buds and our senses with its fiery and tempting flavours. This delectable dish takes the humble green chilli to new heights by infusing it with the coolness of yoghurt. The combination of curd and chilli is something we all should explore and there’s no better way than this dahi mirchi recipe. 

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What Is Dahi Mirchi? 

Dahi Mirchi, also known as Dahi Bhutti, finds its roots in the vibrant state of Rajasthan in India. This fiery delight holds a significant place in Rajasthani cuisine, often gracing the tables during festive occasions and special gatherings. While green chilli represents spiciness and heat, yoghurt brings its cooling properties and balance. The popular snack is usually sun-dried to make a dry and crispy side dish. But this dahi mirchi recipe is not dried and is used an as instant food enhancer with the robustness of green chilli and lusciousness of curd.  

Whether you want a quick dish to go with our roti or satiate your evening hunger with a side dish for bhakri or khakhra, dahi mirchi is the perfect dish to make. It is easy and delightfully quick to make. The recipe was shared on the Instagram page ‘meghnasfoodmagic’ and it really is easy to follow. Let’s see how to prepare it. 

How To Make Dahi Mirchi I Curd Chilli Recipe 

Start with cutting green chillies into small pieces. Then crush some coriander seeds and fennel seeds into a coarse powder. Heat oil in a pan and roast whole spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds and also sesame seeds. Add spice powders of coriander, turmeric and hing. Put in some besan flout and fry everything well. Then add green chillies and cook with some water, salt and spice powders. Next comes curd. Mix well and serve.  

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Tips To Make Perfect Dahi Mirchi: 

  • Make sure to not overcook the chillies as might get a chewy texture.  
  • Add curd only after switching off the flame.
  • The spice masala shouldn’t be crushed too much.  

Use the recipe and these tips to make the vibrant dahi mirchi and add a spicy kick to your meals.  


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