Young Sheldon cast reflects on family bond as series ends
‘Young Sheldon’ cast reflects on ‘family’ bond as series ends

Young Sheldon cast expressed their nostalgic and bittersweet feelings as wrapped up filming its finale.

According to PEOPLE report, during PaleyFest 2024, held on April 14, the actors gathered to reflect on the journey that has spanned seven successful seasons on CBS.

Zoe Perry, who plays Mary, expressed that the ending is “very bittersweet” but also highlighted the gratitude she feels for the time spent on the show.

Montana Jordan, portraying Georgie, referred the cast as ‘family,’ noting that their relationships extend beyond the set and will continue even after the show concludes.

Iain Armitage, who stars as Sheldon, teased that the finale ‘comes full circle’ and includes fun nods to past episodes, stating, “It very much comes full circle, and I think we are trying to do our best to satisfy both fans of our show and Big Bang, and it’s been so much fun to film.”

The series finale, set to air on May 16, promises to deliver a satisfying conclusion for both Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory fans.


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