Ordering food and groceries from online delivery platforms has proved to be a boon for many of us. They come in handy when we want to satiate those midnight cravings or when we just don’t feel like cooking after a long and tiring. From birthday cakes, pizzas, burgers, drinks, and other treats, today we can relish every dish while sitting in the comfort of our homes. Receiving the food package at your doorstep is always exciting. And, this feeling gets even more joyful when we get something unexpected.

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Recently, a woman shared an instance where she ordered sanitary pads from Swiggy’s grocery delivery service Instamart. She got a surprise that left her delighted! Along with the order, she received some chocolate cookies in the bag.

“I ordered sanitary pads from Swiggy Instamart and found a bunch of chocolate cookies at the bottom of the bag. Pretty thoughtful!” the woman tweeted. “But not sure who did it, Swiggy or the shopkeeper?” she added. Find the heart-warming post below.

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The post soon grained traction on the platform. Many users lauded the small yet sweet gesture.

“No matter who, that’s a nice gesture!!!” a comment read.

Swiggy Cares also responded to the woman’s tweet and wrote, “We just want you to have a pleasant day ahead, Sameera :)”

Calling it lovely, a user shared, “Most of the times I too get surprises from Instamart orders”.

“Instamart orders come from pods, so it must be the pod manager :)” a person wrote.

One user suggested that the cookies could have been added by the delivery boy.

Another comment read, “Good, a comforting gesture at right time”.

“They sent me Hajmola,” a user wrote.

This user lamented for missing out and wrote, “I also ordered pads, but never received cookies”.

Many called the gesture “sweet”.

So, have you received a sweet surprise with your online delivery? If yes, then share your experience with us in the comments below. 

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