In a shocking incident, a fierce runaway bull abruptly entered a restaurant and created panic among the customers and the employees of the eatery in Karachi.

In a short video clip that went viral on social media, a charged bull can be seen running on a street in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 6 — a posh area of the port city, with a group of youth chasing the sacrificial animal on motorbikes.

Meanwhile, the fuming bull saw an employee of the restaurant sitting on a chair outside the eatery and turns his head towards the man. In a bid to pierce his horns into the man, the bull rushes towards him. Sensing danger, the employee swiftly moves towards the gate of the eatery and left the glass gate of the restaurant open to avoid damage.

The footage shows the bull entering the restaurant while chasing the employee. Meanwhile, people gathered outside the eatery and overcome the animal. Later, the bull with a rope around its neck can be seen taken away by two men.

It is pertinent to mention here all the people inside the restaurant remained safe and no damage to furniture was reported in the incident.

Last week, a 12-year-old lost his life after he got severely injured when a sacrificial animal the minor had taken out for a stroll went out of control, dragging him for a kilometre in Karachi.

In the video of the ghastly incident that emerged on social media, a cow could be seen running with the boy entangled in the rope while several people chased the animal.

According to police, 12-year-old Ibrahim, a resident of the Sector 11-G area of New Karachi, met his untimely demise while taking the cow for a stroll.

As the child attempted to escape, the halter became entangled around his legs. The animal dragged the child for a kilometre, leaving him severally injured.

Eyewitnesses said that upon witnessing the incident, people from the surrounding area sprang into action, chasing after the animal in an attempt to rescue the child.


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