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Jay shares insightful rules such as winning or losing together, how to define love, and you don’t break in a breakup. (Image: Instagram)

Rather than presenting love as an ethereal concept or a collection of cliches, Jay Shetty outlines specific, actionable steps to help you in developing the skills to nurture love.

Many would agree if we say that romantic Bollywood movies have raised fans’ expectations high when it comes to imagining a perfect love life. However, at times when we are busy achieving a flawless career and dreaming of having a perfect relationship, we often overlook the factors that actually make a relationship strong. Since we are officially in the month of love, we will have a quick recap of Jay Shetty’s 8 Rules of Love: How to Find it, Keep it, and Let it Go.

Nobody can teach anyone how to love. So, many of us are left with the only option – take cues from romance movies and pop culture in the initial stage of a relationship. The 35-year-old author and podcaster is raised in Hollywood and Bollywood vibes. His new book, which is already on international bestseller lists, breaks down the concept of love for us in stages. Jay plans to teach us the following points through his book:

  • The habits of self-love and self-confidence to prepare you for love.
  • How to find the one and stop making the same mistakes again and again.
  • Know your priorities and preferences when it comes to a partner.
  • Understand why relationships don’t work and how to grow with your partner vs grow apart.
  • Figure out how to balance work, love, and life without losing yourself.
  • Stop having repeated arguments and avoid conflicts out of fear.
  • Know when to break up from a toxic situation and learn how to heal.
  • How to be loving and give love even when you feel you have been through so much

He shares insightful rules such as winning or losing together, how to define love, and you don’t break in a breakup. He uses Vedic wisdom and modern science to explore the relationship cycle, from first dates to moving together to breaking up and starting over. He also shows us how to avoid falling for empty promises and untrustworthy partners.

According to a report by mid-day, Jay’s idea of love says, “Love is a commitment, consistent action, and repeated positive behaviour. And often, that doesn’t feel magical or cool, but it’s far more fulfilling to the heart and is more real. It needs to inculcate habits for love, to show another person how much you love them. You need to inform them about how they can love you. No mind games.”

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