TXT’s Soobin reveals the tragic news about his pet hedgehog

Soobin from the K-pop group TXT has revealed the fate of his pet hedgehog Odi, who was also well-loved by fans of the group. He made appearances in several of TXT’s videos and fans loved watching him interact with the other members.

He held a live stream on August 17 where he revealed that Odi had sadly passed away the month prior, sometime around their show in Japan. He admitted that he had video-called to see the hedgehog after their show but he soon ended up passing away. His death hurt the singer more because he wasn’t in Korea to say a proper goodbye.

He explained that he had been suffering from a condition which left him paralyzed. “You know how they say when humans die and go to heaven, the pets that they lived with come and greet them? once I die, I hope that Odi… There’s this syndrome that paralyzes your body and Odi couldn’t move well because of it.”

He went on to share his feelings about his beloved pet, saying: “I loved (Odi) so so much, I adored him a lot and I was really proud of him. I think he’ll remain in my memories for the rest of my life. we couldn’t be together for too long but I was really grateful to him. I hope that he’s not sick anymore.”

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