We all are so obsessed with our local street foods that sometimes it borders on possessiveness. For north Indians, gol gappa will always be gol gappa, and never pani puri. And the feeling is the same in Mumbai. There is always a cultural tiff between Delhi and Mumbai, especially for food. Adding fuel to the fire, one Twitter post lead to up another food debate – of chhole tikki and ragdi pattice. “I’ll never understand why Tikki Chhole is called Ragda Pattice in Mumbai. It doesn’t make sense,” the user asked. Needless to say, several other Twitter users jumped into the fighting pit to give their opinions. 

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Chhole tikki is a popular street food in northern India, particularly in Delhi and Punjab. Crispy fried tikkis are topped with cooked chhole along with chopped onions, chutneys and other chaat essentials. Ragda pattice is a similar dish that is found in the streets of Mumbai. While the user who put up the Twitter post thinks the two dishes are almost the same and don’t need to be called by different names, other users don’t seem to agree. 

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According to most of the comments, chhole tikki and ragda pattice may be similar but they are definitely not the same. Some users pointed out that chhole tikki has chhole (which are white chickpeas), and ragda pattice has smaller white peas (called matar).  

Some people also pointed out the difference between tikki and ragda. While tikki is a deep-fried aloo cutlet, pattice in ragda pattice is coated with rava and shallow fried. Check out what all comments heated up the raging debate: 

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What do you think about this discussion? Is it fair to call them by different names in different regions, despite their similarities? 

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