UK supermarket giant Tesco has announced that it is revising its Clubcard scheme to give out coupons to loyal shoppers more often.

Customers who download its new Clubcard & Grocery app, which will replace its existing Clubcard app next year, will reportedly receive digital coupons three times more often under the new system.

This will mean the store’s four million British customers will be sent personalised, money-saving offers based on their repeat-buys and purchase history every two weeks, rather than only eight times a year under the present approach.

Shoppers who still prefer to receive their Clubcard statement and vouchers by post can choose to continue to do so but all will be encouraged to download the new app before it replaces its predecessor next year.

The successor version will also enable Tesco customers to shop in-store and online, compile lists and check stock as well as earn points and use their coupons.

Ken Murphy, the company’s chief executive, called on the government in late November to do more to address the cost of living crisis by making its support for the vulnerable “more targeted”.

“It looks like the action by the government has helped but I believe it can be more targeted in the form of who it helps, to help the vulnerable,” he said.

“There should be a case for more means testing with support.

“There is a certain responsibility that should be shared by businesses, government and communities to help those most at need.”

Mr Murphy said he “cannot predict” if food poverty will worsen but said his company is steadfast in its commitment to keeping prices affordable for all customers amid the uncertain backdrop.

He added that the retailer has witnessed increased pressure on its customers’ budgets over the past year, with more turning to value product ranges.

“We have seen many shoppers have been pricing down, which highlights the importance of having a range of pricing,” Mr Murphy said.

“We can’t control the future but I expect the demand for these lines will still be strong over the next 12 or 24 months.”


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