The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has decided to block the SIM cards of 0.5 million individuals involved in tax evasion, following the approval of the FBR chairman, Express News reported.

Sources reveal that the FBR has identified two million tax evaders. However, mobile companies have requested not to block such a large number of SIMs, leading to the decision to initially block SIMs of 500,000 tax evaders.

The FBR chairman has approved the decision and has dispatched directives to relevant officials.

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Sources indicate that the FBR also has the authority to disconnect electricity connections, besides blocking SIM cards of non-filers. Special powers have been given to 145 district tax officers across the country in this regard. Action will be taken under Section 114-B against non-filers, and action will also be taken against tax evaders.

According to FBR sources, 400,000 under-filers have been identified after consultation with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). These individuals have not filed their returns despite having taxable income. The FBR will soon issue an Income Tax General Order (IGTO) in this regard.

They also said that the FBR had previously sent notices to such individuals, but returns were still not filed. Identification of 100,000 non-filers has been done through FBR’s broadening tax base initiative, and their SIM cards will also be blocked.

. After detailed discussions between FBR, PTA, and telecom operators, the decision to block SIM cards has been finalised.


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