Sam Asghari really ‘tried’ to save Britney Spears marriage: ‘He’s a nice guy’

Sam Asghari reportedly tried his best to continue his marriage with wife Britney Spears as he was sure he would save her post her 13-year conservatorship was terminated.

However, after living with her for only 13 months, the aspiring actor realized that there was no way he could help the desperately troubled popstar, reported Daily Mail.

An insider revealed to the publication that Asghari’s illusion that he could “save” Spears shattered after he lived with her in a house for a year after tying the knot with her in June last year.

Asghari realized Spears was past “saving,” the insider said, adding, “The reality of life with Britney was that it was not fun and it’s not a surprise at all that the marriage didn’t last.”

“She is a damaged person and although she talks a lot about being a strong independent woman she remains damaged. It’s very sad. Sam’s a nice guy and I hear that he tried,” the insider revealed.

“The sensible people in her life will be sad that the marriage is over. The feeling was that he thought he could save her, but maybe there is no saving Britney.”

The source also pointed out all the incidents following which Asghari knew there was no hope in their marriage and felt like he was trapped with the Hold Me Closer hitmaker.

“They barely went out,” the insider said. “They were just stuck in that house making videos all the time as that’s the thing that interests her. I think it’s obvious that there are some serious issues in play.”

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