Paris Hilton shocks internet with strange admission about son

The internet was left in disbelief after Paris Hilton shared a shocking revelation that for one month after her son’s birth — she kept him in the same diaper.

Sharing the strange admission on her Paris in Love show, the US socialite revealed she did not change her son’s diaper because she was “scared.”

In the video, the New York native said, “I said I wouldn’t do this on my birthday, but I will for you,” referring to her 32-day-old son. “Anything for Phoenix.”

Before admitting she had not changed his diaper, Paris added, “Okay, I’m scared,” the mother-of-two said. 

Meanwhile, on the internet, netizens were shocked that the 42-year-old went without changing her son’s diaper for a month.

“I feel bad for judging because I don’t know Paris. Obviously none of us do… but like… really? You never change your baby’s diaper? What?” one user wrote.

Another added, “I’m sorry… what. I don’t wanna sound like I’m mom-shaming but come onnnn A MONTH?!? Even my husband changed a diaper after a day!!”

“Rich people are so out of touch with reality, this is real sad,” a third added.

Someone else commented, “No amount of money would stop me dealing with my own baby,” adding, “The disconnect here is appalling.”

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