Organization working to abolish monarchy sides with Prince Harry and Meghan

Anti-monarchy organization Republic hit back at a royal correspondent when he took aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over claims the couple made in their Netflix documentary.

Journalist Richard Palmer said royal sources rubished Meghan’s claim that she was advised not to invite her tearful niece Ashleigh Hale to the wedding. That, like the challenge to the no prepping help claim, has also been picked up by Sunday papers here.”

He added, “As so often in the past, the Sussexes have a credibility problem.”

Reacting to Palmer’s remarks, Republic said, “They only have a credibility problem if you assume what the palace says is true. The palace has a very serious and provable credibility problem.”

Meanwhile Palmer reported, “The King and Queen Consort, and the Prince and Princess of Wales aren’t watching the series, we’re told, although aides are. For the moment they think there’s nothing so personal and damaging to them that warrants an on-the-record reaction from the royals but that may change.”


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