New Delhi: Nithin Kamath has warned about a widely prevalent “new scam in the name of FedEx, Blue Dart, and other courier companies”. Sharing the long thread about the ongoing scam in the big cities on Twitter, Kamath stated that people must be aware about it.

How Did It Start?

It all started when one of Nithin’s colleagues received an unexpected call from an individual claiming to represent a reputable courier company, FedEx. The imposter informed Nithin’s colleague, asserting that a package had been seized by the police due to the discovery of illicit substances hidden within. 

“Since the fake police had his AADHAR number, this made the entire ordeal more convincing. This person panicked & transferred the money immediately,” Nithin Kamath added in the Twitter thread.

As panic gripped the recipient of the call, the fraudsters preyed on their vulnerability, coercing them into transferring money without delay. The scammers exploited the victim’s fear, pushing them to react instinctively rather than rationally.

It is worth noting that the victim in question was no ordinary individual but a member of a company that constantly emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity awareness. This alarming revelation highlights the fact that anyone can fall victim to such schemes.

What To Do If You Face The Same Issue?

Nithin shared this story as a stark reminder to everyone that maintaining a cool-headed approach is crucial when faced with potential fraud. He stressed the significance of not succumbing to panic and instead taking a moment to pause, reflect, and seek professional advice.

“In a situation like this, the best thing is to say, I will get my lawyer to speak to you; it doesn’t matter even if you don’t have a lawyer. Most fraudsters prey on people who panic and react instinctively. Slowing down before reacting is the key,” Nithin Kamath added. 

One valuable piece of advice Nithin offered was to inform the scammer that he would be consulted by a lawyer, even if one does not currently have a lawyer. By introducing this delay tactic, victims can disrupt the fraudsters’ plans and protect themselves from falling further into their trap.

Nithin’s encounter with this fraudulent scheme serves as a rallying cry for increased awareness and resilience in the face of cybercrime. It underscores the importance of educating oneself and others about the evolving tactics employed by scammers.

By shedding light on this intricate scam targeting courier companies, Nithin aims to empower individuals to stay informed, question suspicious calls, and respond thoughtfully when faced with potential threats.   


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