Pizza… the name is enough to tease your tastebuds. Let us agree, pizza has travelled far and wide beyond the Italian shores to become a global comfort food as well as our go-to cheat meal. People across the world count pizza among their most-loved indulgences. Don’t know about you, but Neha Dhupia can relate to this sentiment. The actress loves relishing the bready base, layered with a tangy sauce, gooey cheese and some flavourful toppings. In an Instagram post, Neha talked about her love for pizza and we can totally relate to it. In the picture, the actress is seen chomping on a slice of pizza. As we swipe left, we have a video of Neha Dhupia’s reaction upon taking a wholesome bite of the Italian treat.
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“(Pizza emoji) + me … the ultimate love affair,” Neha Dhupia captioned the post. Take a look:

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The carousel had many other glimpses of her lunch with girlfriends. We warn you: It might leave you craving a delectable meal. There is a close-up shot of a white-colour sauce being poured on the delicious-looking Mexican platter featuring a mix of rice, along with some beans and salsa. Crispy nachos were tucked into the beds of the various assortments. We also got a complete view of her lunch table and we were already drooling. From pizza, pasta, fish and chips, burger, potato wedges, paneer tikka to a brownie dessert, pastel-hue cakes and a lot more, the widespread had a range of lip-smacking delicacies. 

No meal is complete without a sweet indulgence, right? Neha Dhupia devoured a chocolaty treat which consisted of a baked base, layered with a perfectly-cooked brownie and finished off with a generous amount of chocolate sauce. Neha Dhupia, in her caption, further mentioned that she didn’t have to travel far to “discover the yummiest food, cocktails, desserts and bakery.”

To know more about Neha Dhupia’s foodie adventure, click here.
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