Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have reportedly been called onto becoming more respectful towards King Charles for he holds the key to their royal clout. 

This admission has been made by PR and reputation management expert Eric Schiffer in his latest chat with Express UK.

Mr Schiffer began the chat by explaining, “Charles has already set many boundaries that I think will help because Harry knows that unless he plays the game and respects the King and the family he will continue to be sort of an outside pariah with very limited ties that could benefit him and Meghan.”

“And I think it will come down to ultimately the facts, what the accusations are.”

During the course of the chat, he also addressed the docuseries trailer and claimed, “The trailer is filling the powder keg of additional TNT with the King. This is not a way to rebuild a relationship with the Crown.”

“I think they are asking for big problems that ultimately don’t serve their interests. The King is not going to be happy with it, as he shouldn’t. [Without royal links] They become far less relevant.”

“And the King has already made moves to highlight that lack of relevancy from how Harry was positioned at the funeral to other moves that have communicated that to the public.”


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