Meghan Markle, Prince Harry fail to win Hollywood

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be in trouble after being snubbed by Spotify as their Netflix bosses have seeming warned the Sussexes to do something more to save their multi-million dollar deal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to a an insider, make all their efforts to save the deal, and come up with some new shows in the coming future, a source close to the couple has revealed.

“Harry and Meghan’s team is also struggling to secure a mega deal for the couple to cope with the likely financial crisis in the future as the video streaming service has also asked the couple to produce some more shows,” the source added.

Netflix has reportedly told the Sussexes to come up with new shows if they want to be paid £40m ($51m) in outstanding fees.

The parents-of-two, who made last year’s top-rated documentary Harry & Meghan, have reportedly been paid half of their £81m ($103m).

There are also speculations that the couple would launch some more attacks on palace to secure their deal and would reveal some more shocking details of their royal life.

If they don’t come up with the goods their deal with the streaming service could be ended. The deal’s reportedly under review which is normal for ones of this magnitude.

According to the WSJ, Harry and Meghan’s Hollywood foray “is looking like a flop,” with “more cancellations and rejections than produced shows.” There has been a “graveyard” of projects that never came to be, including an animated children’s show called Pearl canceled by Netflix, “as well as at least two TV ideas that the streaming service rejected within the past year.”

It’s also being claimed that there’s a less friendly attitude from some at the top. The feeling is that the lemon has been fully squeezed. The big bucks Harry and Meghan signed on for do not exist today.


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