Experts believe there is no way for Meghan Markle to survive if she doesn’t ‘girl-boss her way out of the PR mess that Harry has created’.

These claims and admissions about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been made by royal commentator Mary Madigan.

She started by saying, “There are rumours circling that she might become the next face of the luxury brand Dior, but will that be enough to support Harry and their two kids?”

“It’s pretty clear that now Harry’s done whinging about his family, there isn’t much more he can do to drum up finance.”

“I’m sorry to say that Meghan is going to have to girl-boss her way out of the PR mess that Harry has created.”

Because “Meghan’s future requires her to revisit her almost-influencer past. You see, before Meghan met Harry, she was an Instagram girly.”


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