Twelve years have passed since the release of the groundbreaking Pakistani film Bol, directed by Shoaib Mansoor, and its impact on the country’s entertainment industry is still felt today. The movie, which hit the screens on June 24, 2011, starred Humaima Malick, Mahira Khan, Manzar Sehbai, and Iman Aly, and tackled societal hypocrisies and conservative norms.

It addressed important issues such as women’s empowerment, transgender rights, access to education, and religious beliefs, earning accolades both domestically and across the border.

To commemorate the film’s anniversary, Sehbai took to Instagram and shared a throwback picture of the cast and crew during the promotional period. Alongside the photo, he wrote, “24 June 2011,” tagging the actors and director.

Khan, in turn, reposted the image on her Instagram Story. “Wow… 12 years to this very special film and beginning,” she remarked. 

For Malick, Bol marked her debut in the film industry, and she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity it provided her. In a heartfelt message, she wrote, “12 years of my first film, Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol. I can’t thank Allah enough. What a journey I have lived all these years. Thank you, Allah, for everything you made me achieve. Thank you for always being there for me.”

In addition to Malick and Khan, the film also featured renowned singer Atif Aslam in his acting debut. Bol follows the story of a young girl who challenges the traditional societal norms that diminish the role of women. Set in Lahore, the film sheds light on the struggles faced by women, who are often burdened by society’s expectations. It fearlessly explores taboo subjects such as homosexuality, the lives of eunuchs, and the complexities of Shia-Sunni dynamics.

Bol broke new ground in Pakistani cinema by tackling controversial topics and sparking conversations about important social issues. Its thought-provoking narrative and powerful performances continue to resonate with audiences even today. As the film reaches its 12th anniversary, it serves as a reminder of the impact that cinema can have in driving positive change and challenging societal norms.

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