Lizzo has opened up about her experiences on tour, revealing that she’s requested tampons for her and her team.

The 34-year-old musician addressed her essentials during a concert while playing a drinking game on Late Night with Seth Meyers. During the game, she had to choose between answering a question honestly or taking a shot.

Host Seth Meyers started the game by asking Lizzo what is the “most absurd demand” in her “rider,” referring to the list of requests that singers can give venues about what they’d like for a performance.

The “Truth Hurts” singer noted that while this request wasn’t silly, she often asked for tampons for her and her team.

“Strange enough, this isn’t absurd, but I did get this response a lot,” she said. “We just travel with so many women, I would put tampons on the rider.”

Lizzo then explained that this demand wasn’t always met, adding: “Sometimes we wouldn’t get them. And I’d be like: ‘Who the f*** is?’”

Meyers agreed with her sentiment, calling himself “a modern man” and noting that Lizzo’s demand “wasn’t absurd at all”.

Back in 2019, reports first circulated about Lizzo’s lists of requests when on tour. During an interview with Metro UK, one source claimed that she was “getting more added” to her rider after every performance, including different foods.

“At her last gig she asked for bottles of posh vodka, dozens of doughnuts and hundreds of chicken wings, which are her favourite,” the source said, at the time.

Elsewhere during her game with Meyers, Lizzo proceeded to be put on the hot seat and was asked if she thought Beyoncé or Oprah Winfrey was more powerful.

She said that while she “had an answer” to the question, she “didn’t want the smoke” so she opted to take the shot instead.

Meyers concluded the segment by asking Lizzo who she thought was currently the “most overrated artist in music”. She quickly questioned him for asking that and shut his remark down before taking a shot.

“Are you f***ing crazy?” the “About Damn Time” singer asked the TV host. “Have you lost your f***ing mind? If I say this, and break the internet, I’m not going to. America, the internet is already in shambles.”


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