King Charles allowed to display Meghans Suit picture on official platform?

The British royal family continues to display Meghan Markle’s picture from her hit TV series “Suits” on its official website.

It’s not known whether the King or the Prince and Princess of Wales take decisions regarding the website.

The first eight seasons of the legal drama Suits featuring Meghan Markle hit the streaming service on June 17.

The Suits arrival on Netflix coincided with King Charles Birthday Parade, with many people claiming that the Duchess of Sussex had something to do with the release date.

Some royal observers believe it was a deliberate attempt to chose June 17 as the release date of Meghan Markle’s show on Netflix.

The speculations about the Meghan’s involvement with the streaming giant decision on show’s release date and the royal family’s alleged aversion to the Duchess’ work in the entertainment industry seem far fetched as the official website of the British royal family still proudly display a picture of Prince Harry’s wife.

Apart from displaying her picture, the website also mentions how Meghan “notably played the role of Rachel Zane on the series Suits for seven seasons, completing over 100 episodes.

King Charles allowed to display Meghans Suit picture on official platform?

Meanwhile, the series has already claimed the number three spot on Netflix’s list of most-watched shows.

Suits is about a corporate lawyer named Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), who’s forced to adapt when a new partner joins the firm. His team consists of himself and three other powerful attorneys, and they work together while maintaining personal and professional relationships.  


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