Kim Kardashian sends her sisters memes that she doesn’t want them to share publicly. 

Khloe Kardashian on Friday violated the rule and shared a viral meme that her sister Kim sent her.

The meme shows an air hostess swearing while saying goodbye to the passengers. Khloe shared the video to her Instagram story and wrote, “Thanks Kim Kardashian. This is literally me every second. Thank God no can read my mind.”

Kim Kardashian responded jokingly, “Well since Khloe Kardashian outted me posting my private things I send her, it will post it too.”

Kim Kardashian and Khloe reveal they pretend to be good in front of people

Kim Kardashian is followed by more than 360 million people on Instagram while her sister Khloe also had more than 300 million followers on the photo and video sharing app.

The duo is expected to draw backlash from their critics online over the meme since it can be interpreted as hypocrisy and all those things they didn’t cross their mind before sharing it.    

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