Kate Middleton isn’t and ‘can never become Diana’: ‘Doesn’t live in the past’
Kate Middleton isn’t and ‘can never become Diana’: ‘Doesn’t live in the past’

Experts have just voiced concerns about ‘constantly comparing’ Kate Middleton to the late People’s Princess, Diana.

These claims and statements about Kate Middleton have been issued by British journalist Liz Jones.

She started by telling the Daily Mail, “The two Princesses of Wales have been declared sartorial twins since the moment they emerged into the spotlight. Diana wore a see through Laura Ashley skirt. Kate Middleton walked a runway in a sheer black dress.”

“They were both gauche, shy, big-eyed. Both shopped on the King’s Road for ballet flats so, the saying goes, they could be twins!”

The duo have even been compared by body language experts how called Kate the ‘perfect copy’ of the late Diana, but Ms Jones feels, “there are no deep and meaningful similarities in their style, nor should there be.”

“Yes, Diana and Catherine patronised Catherine Walker, Jenny Packham and milliner Philip Treacy. Both have worn a puffed sleeve, a bit of a shoulder. But this applies to all women who must dress formally on occasion.”

She also went on to bash the comparisons and said, “she is very much her own person. Just because she might wear Diana’s brooch doesn’t mean she spends every waking moment thinking about her.”


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