John Krasinski gushes over wife Emily Blunt: ‘She’s the hero at home’

John Krasinski heaped praises over his wife Emily Blunt for supporting him while he had to travel a lot amid shoot for final season of Jack Ryan.

Commenting on The Devil Wears Prada star’s remark that Krasinski is an “everyman hero at home,” The Office actor insisted that it is actually Blunt who holds the title.

“Maybe an everyman, but I don’t know about hero,” he said while speaking to E! News. “I think she’s the hero at home for sure.”

“Her support through this show is what’s made it possible for me,” the actor added. “Not only in the logistics of having to travel the world constantly, and being supportive, and making sure my kids didn’t abandon me when I had to go to these countries and shoot.”

Krasinski went on to say that he took inspiration from Blunt to prepare for the action sequences in the political action thriller.

“I also take such inspiration from her, in everything,” he shared, “but she’s also done this action stuff way better than I have. So I go back and I watch Edge of Tomorrow and Jungle Cruise and get more ideas.”

Previously, in an interview with People Magazine, the actor dished on how acting together in their hit project A Quiet Place brought them closer together.

“I never have loved my wife more than after we did this movie,” Krasinski said. “For me, it was a trust thing. We trust each other in day-to-day life for sure, but when you trust each other in this way it’s different.”

“We were really honest with each other from the beginning,” he added. “By the time we were shooting, it was just the best.”

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