Brad Pitt played Will Colbert in episode nine of season 8 of Friends
Brad Pitt played Will Colbert in episode nine of season 8 of ‘Friends’

Jennifer Aniston has shared how she felt about former partner Brad Pitt’s cameo appearance in her famous TV sitcom, Friends.

Pitt played the role of Will Colbert in season eight, episode nine, The One with the Rumor, of the most popular show of all time, Friends. However, he played Rachel Green’s enemy in the show; his cameo is still considered to be the best and remains one of the most memorable ones.

While speaking about the cameo appearance of the Troy actor in an interview, the Murder Mystery actress stated; “Mr Pitt was wonderful.”

At the time when the show was airing, Aniston and Pitt were married. They were the most admired couple of Hollywood then. Their appearance in the show together made fans go crazy.

While the show was being filmed, the Bullet Train also paid visits on the sets to support his wife. Keeping in view their adorable chemistry, the makers decided to star them together in one of the episodes, reports Startefacts.

When Pitt, 59, was offered to play the cameo role, he happily agreed to do it. In one of the interview, he also shared a one of the memories from the set of Friends.

“I remember it. It was a great cast, man. But I flubbed my first line. We had to stop and start again”, he added. The actor also received an Emmy nomination for his role in Friends.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston parted ways in 2005


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