Indian cuisine is as varied as its culture. If you explore, you will find every region offering some unique dish that makes it stand out in the lot. But what remains common across the country is a bowl of dal. A staple for every Indian, dal, paired with rice, makes for a wholesome meal anytime of the day. Wonder what makes dal a popular food choice in India? It is because of the affordability, accessibility and variety of the ingredient. It is fascinating to see how varied a bowl of dal can be! We not only find different types of dals, but each of these varieties also has countless recipes attached to it. One such popular dal option is masoor (or red lentil). 

Health Benefits Of Masoor Dal: What Makes Masoor Dal A Popular Choice In India: 

Masoor dal is uncomplicated and easy to make. Besides it loads you up with several health benefitting properties too. Let’s find out some of the nutrient properties of masoor dal. 

Here’re 5 Health Benefits Of Masoor Dal: 

1. Rich in Fibre: 

Masoor dal is loaded with adequate amount of fibre that helps us digest, metabolise and maintain an overall health. The dietary fibres also help us keep full for long. 

2. Promotes Weight Loss: 

As mentioned earlier, the fibre in the dal helps us keep full, further helping to manage weight. A cup of masoor dal is also know to provide you with essential vitamins, proteins etc that further help us lose extra kilos. 

3. Promotes Bone Health: 

Masoor dal is a rich source of vitamins and other nutrients like calcium and magnesium that help maintain healthy teeth and bones. 

4. Boosts Vision: 

The vitamins A, C and E in masoor dal help make the food ingredient great for eye health. As per experts, a cup of masoor dal each day could protect you against eye defects and disorders such as cataract and muscle degradation. 

5. Promotes Skin-Health: 

Masoor dal has adequate amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that work effectively against cell damage, further slowing down skin-ageing process. It also helps you maintain a youthful skin health. 

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Masoor dal is commonly made in Indian households. 

Bengali-Style Masoor Dal Recipe: How To Make Masoor Dal In 5 Minutes: 

Considering the above benefits, we bring you a quick and easy masoor dal recipe that you can prepare in just five minutes. The recipe finds its roots in a Bengali kitchen and is usually consumed with rice and papad or ‘aloo seddho’ by the side. Let’s take a look. 

Start with heating a tablespoon of mustard oil in pressure cooker. Add some kalonji and red chilli to it. Once the spices splutter, add soaked masoor dal (soak it beforehand, at least for 30 minutes), turmeric, salt and pressure cook for two to three whistles. 

And you have a bowl of comforting masoor dal ready to be relished. 

Find The Detailed Masoor Dal Recipe Below: 


Half cup masoor dal
2-3 cups water (soaked beforehand)
A pinch haldi
1 tsp mustard oil
Salt, as per taste
Half tsp kalonji
1 whole red chilli


  1. Heat oil in pressure cooker
  2. Add red chilli, kalonji to it. Let the spices splutter.
  3. Add the soaked masoor dal
  4. Add haldi and mix.
  5. Add water, salt and close the lid.
  6. Pressure cook for 2 whistles. 
  7. And you have Bengali-style masoor dal ready to be relished with rice

Try this dish and put together a wholesome meal in just no time.  Enjoy your meal.

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