Winter menu in Indian households include a whole variety of rich sweets. Besides gajar ka halwa and gajak, panjiri is found in every kitchen pantry, that too stored in bulk. Since, panjiri is easy to make and doesn’t go bad soon, people tend to make it in large quantities right at the start of the season, and keep enjoying it throughout the winter. Made with atta, nuts, edible gum and oodles of ghee, panjiri tastes heavenly. But you’ll find some people making it not just for its great taste but for its high nutritional value too. Panjiri benefits us in so many ways that it is even considered a postpartum recovery snack. That’s why we find many women gorging on it right after delivery. 

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra confirms it in a post on Instagram. She shared her own winter-special panjiri recipe and called it her postpartum go-to recovery snack. Before sharing the recipe, she laid out the health benefits of eating panjiri after delivery.

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Panjiri offers nutrition and lots of energy.

Here’s Some Health Benefits Of Panjiri For Postpartum Diet:

1. Helps with lactation

Panjiri is known to stimulate breast milk flow and helping new mothers regain strength post delivery.

2. Restores bone health

The ingredients in panjiri help soothe sore muscles and lubricate joints, improving bone health.

3. Helps with combating postpartum fatigue and pains.

The addition of nuts and ingredients like kamarkas help relieve body aches and pains. Healthy fatty acids energise the body with strength and vigour.

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How To Make Panjiri For Postpartum Recovery I Panjiri Recipe:

Nutritionist Lovneet Batra shared the following recipe for panjiri.

To make the panjiri, roast aata and gond in ghee. Then add makhana, khuskhus, kamarkas and muesli. Let it cook for a few minutes and then add fry fruits and jaggery powder. Let it all cook well. Panjiri is ready. 

If you struggle to make ball-shaped panjiri ladoo, here are some tips to make the perfect panjiri (or pinni). 

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