The CEO, however, added the human part would be necessary for AI songs nomination

After AI tracks rose, Grammys were put in a tight spot: to discard or embrace them.

The organizers went for a middle option to allow the tech but with the caveat of human involvement in their making.

During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Recording Academy President Harvey Mason Jr. explained the prestige award show’s stance on AI use.

“We are going to allow AI music and material and compositions and performances to be submitted, but we will not be awarding a Grammy to AI. I mean, that seems almost like you shouldn’t even have to explain it because if you’re awarding a Grammy to AI, I would be uncomfortable or even curious to know who we’re going to give the Grammy too.

The CEO emphasized for the award qualification; human involvement must be mandatory.

“The human portion that is being considered for a Grammy or for a nomination has to be, they call it more than “de minimis.” It has to be a meaningful human participation, human contribution for it to be considered.”

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