Jet Airways CEO Sanjiv Kapoor is an avid social media user and never backs away from expressing his views on Twitter. This time, he used the platform to give an update about “Jet 2.0”. The Indian carrier, after its revival, is set to begin operations in India. However, there is no announcement on when the airline will begin operations, and hence there are several speculations surrounding the airline’s functioning. Similarly, there have been rumours about the acquisition of aircraft by the airline.

The CEO claimed that the airline has a “game-changing business plan” for Jet 2.0. In his tweet, he said, “What we have for Jet 2.0 is also a game-changing business plan. A plan that breaks the mold for Indian carriers completely. A plan that attracted the interest and support of doyens of the aircraft leasing industry, because it is not a copy-paste, it represents breakthrough thinking.”

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Jet Airways has already conducted its proving flights in May 2022 and has got its air operator certificate. However, there have been no updates on the acquisition of the aircraft. But, there have been reports of aircraft with the airline’s livery. The aircraft spotted was an Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Based on the views of Jet Airways CEO, the airline will offer a choice of cabin classes and a fleet mix of short and long-haul routes. However, there are still problems to be overcome by the airlines to get operational status. The airline still needs to tackle the cut-throat competition between multiple airlines, increasing ATF costs and multiple other factors.

Moreover, the operational status is still a long road for Jet Airways, considering no airline has been able to make profits in India since 2019. Moreover, the aviation sector is still recovering from the losses faced by them during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although there has been respite with the recovering air passenger traffic registered in the past months.


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