Gabourey Sidibe made fans giggle after she shared a fashion blunder involving “boob tape” on her Instagram.

The Precious star, 40, posted a mirror selfie showing herself wearing a bright green strappy dress with a plunging neckline.

Peeking out from under the dress, however, was what appeared to be a mess of tape on both breasts. “Boob tape” is a skin-friendly tape that can be used to lift and shape breasts under clothing without needing to wear a bra.

However, it can take some practice to get the taping right – as Sidibe demonstrated.

She wrote in her post caption: “How y’all be doing Boob Tape? I might need to take a class.”

Fans thought Sidibe’s wardrobe malfunction was relatable and hilarious, with many sharing their own troubles with boob tape.

“I can’t figure that s*** out either girl,” one person wrote, while another appeared relieved: “All that tape, girl I thought you had surgery!”

Another commenter said: “Can the class be on Zoom? I need to be in on the number.”

Someone else added: “I just screamed, because me too.”

Sidibe’s stylist Kelly Augustine appeared to despair at the American Horror Story star’s attempts to fix her own tape and commented: “Now Gabby [cry-laugh emoji] Please just call me next time.”

In a follow-up post on her Instagram Stories, Sidibe posted another mirror selfie in the same dress but appeared much happier this time, with nothing showing from under her garment.

“I figured out the t**ty tape!” she wrote on the post, which showed her sticking her tongue out and flashing the peace sign with her hand.

Gabourey Sidibe rejoices after figuring out how to use boob tape correctly

(Instagram/Gabourey Sidibe)

Sidibe has previously spoken out about facing size discrimination from major fashion labels. Speaking at the Curvy Con during New York Fashion Week in 2018, she said she was forced to buy a dress from plus-size fashion retailer Torrid because no designers offered to dress her for her first major red carpet appearance at Cannes.

She told Teen Vogue that she still faces such discrimination and designers often won’t dress her because she’s “too fat”.

“Even though we are moving towards more visibility for plus-size people, there is a lot [of] pushback. So it’s important to keep fighting [and] to keep being visible until the conversation changes and [it] is no longer about our bodies because I’m not my body. I’m a whole person,” Sidibe told the magazine.

Last December, Sidibe revealed that she secretly got married to her husband Brandon Frankel in 2021. She announced her engagement in November 2020.

In an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan, she was asked about her wedding plans. Sidibe answered: “So, the thing about weddings is I don’t like them. Here’s an example of how much I don’t like weddings. I’m actually married. We got married over a year ago.”

Sidibe said she and Frankel got “married at the kitchen table” in a very small ceremony that involved just the two of them.

When she announced their engagement, the Empire star wrote: “Every moment with him is a joy. He is the partner I thought I was too independent to need. I’ve learned so much about myself through him and I feel grateful and excited to learn more about the entire world with him by my side.”


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