It’s almost time to bid adieu to the year 2022 and look forward to fresh beginnings in the next year. As we gather the memories of this year, we can’t help but look back at all the food trends that made 2022 eventful. The first thing that’s coming to our mind is some bizarre food experiments that made their way to the internet and took us by surprise. We are all for new food inventions but these strange food combinations made our jaws drop with shock. From fried ice cream to chocolate raj kachori, we witnessed some over enthusiastic street vendors trying their hand at novel food creations that came as a bolt from the blue. 

The power of the internet is such that almost everything can get recognition. So did these bizarre foods that took the internet by storm, in either good way or bad way. Take a look at the most popular ‘out-of-the-box’ food creations we found on the internet in 2022 that stumped us. 

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Here Are 7 Bizarre Food Trends Of 2022 That Shook The Internet: 

1. Very Berry Samosa: 

A video shared by Instagram food blogger @burning_spices shared a glimpse of a pink-coloured samosa with strawberry jam and filling. Next blueberry samosa is featured in the video. The samosa was blue in colour and enclosed blueberry jam. Are you curious to try it? Click here to know more.  


These berry-filled samosas are quite unique. 

2. Coffee With Maggi Or Coffee Maggi: 

We love Maggi, we also love coffee. We would love to pair them together for a great snacking time, but would you ever cook Maggi with coffee? Well, a street vendor tried doing it and it did not go well with the internet users. Watch the video here

3. Chocolate Raj Kachori, Anyone? 

Ok, we do love to pour chocolate sauce over almost everything, but in our street foods as well? We came across an Instagram post that showed a typical fried raj kachori and its usual trimming of boiled potatoes, namkeen, fried cashew nuts and boondi. But then, it got bathed in chocolate sauce! Check out the video here.


4. Fried, Not Frozen Ice Cream: 

A Lucknow street vendor went all out to showcase his creativity. He served fried ice cream pakoda and it got featured in a video by a food blogger on Instagram. Ice cream scoop is dunked in a batter and deep fried before being served with the garnishing of colourful sprinkles and chocolate sauce. We were left wondering if it would taste sweet or savoury. Click here to decide for yourself.  

5. Gulab Jamun Burger 

Chicken burger, fish burger or veg burger? Oh wait, there’s a sweet burger too! A street vendor made a burger with the stuffing of just gulab jamun. He did not even feel the need to add any other accompaniments. The viral video of gulab jamun burger amassed mixed reactions from the internet. Click here to read about it

Gulab Jamun in a burger shocked the internet. 

6. Gujarati, Err Swiss Dabeli: 

In this bizarre food experimentation, Swiss meets Gujarati in dabeli. The video shows Swiss-style cheese fondue flavoured with dabeli masala. It is served along with ladi pav pieces just like the Swiss fondue is served with bread. Let’s give it up for creativity, at least. Click here to take a look

7. Dal Makhani With Ice Cream, Not Cream 

This street vendor probably misunderstood the process of adding cream to dal makhani. He poured dal makhani on ice cream and made it into a roll. Of course, the internet was not happy. Read all about it here.

The combination of dal and ice cream made internet cringe. 

Did you come across more such bizarre food creations this year? Share with our readers in the comments section below.  

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