Some people consume kamarkha as a vegetable.

Kamarkha (star fruit) is substantially advantageous to individuals dealing with respiratory issues like asthma.

At present, the vegetable market in Alwar is witnessing a notable surge in the availability of seasonal produce. Among the offerings, our focus is drawn to the Kamarkha fruit available in Alwar Mandi. Known as star fruit, it owes its name to its distinct shape. This vegetable offers a delightful balance of sour and sweet flavour.

Named after its star-like appearance, star fruit or Kamarkha holds a treasure trove of vital nutrients, making it a valuable addition to one’s diet. Its high fibre content is particularly notable and contributes to its acclaimed health advantages. Experts highlight the potential of kamarkha in addressing conditions related to the brain, heart, and digestive system, underlining its promising health benefits.

Pappu MD, a vegetable vendor at Alwar Mandi, shares that the present influx of star fruit predominantly stems from local origins within Alwar mandi itself. The key sources include Alwar’s Jayanti Farm, Jaipur Road and Kalsada Village. In instances of limited availability in the Alwar, Kamarkha is also procured from Delhi and Agra. The season for Kamarkha in Alwa mandi spans from the last week of July until the closing week of February in the following year.

The pricing for Kamarkha starts around Rs 60 and can go up to Rs 80. Interestingly, its cost tends to decrease as its availability in the market increases. The demand for Kamarkha is substantial. While some individuals consume it as a vegetable, the majority prefer having it as a fruit. It’s particularly sought after during weddings and gatherings. Renowned for its delectable flavour, Kamarkha offers a delightful balance of sourness and sweetness when eaten raw.

Vaidya Ramdev Sharma stresses the benefits of integrating green vegetables into your diet to promote holistic health. Kamarkha, in particular, is known for its rich nutrient profile. It holds special significance for people struggling with diabetes, as both its fruits and leaves are suitable options. Its abundant fibre content also aids in enhancing digestion. Moreover, Kamarkha brings substantial advantages to individuals dealing with respiratory issues like asthma. Enriched with vital components including phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and zinc, it is considered beneficial for asthma patients.

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