Sportswear retailer Fanatics is making a significant contribution to communities by donating over 300,000 pieces of apparel worth about $20 million to assist 100,000 families in need. In a nationwide effort occurring today called “Merch Madness,” Fanatics teamed up with influential sports personalities to facilitate distribution.

The idea came about last year when the company held Global Impact Day and encouraged all employees to dedicate a day to improving the world, said Michael Rubin, founder of Fanatics.

“This year, we wanted to focus on a single cause and create a substantial impact,” Rubin told “CBS Mornings.”

More than 4,000 employees are participating across 100 locations in 30 cities, including locations such as the Gillette Stadium, Levi’s Stadium, Allegiant Stadium and Wells Fargo Center.

Former NFL Giants quarterback and Super Bowl champion Eli Manning is among the athletes and entertainers participating in the event.

“For me, it’s just seeing the smiles on these kids’ faces as they receive a jersey or a hoodie or a T-shirt or capri jackets. And you know, for me, hey, I’m happy handing out Giants gear. I’m happy to give up a Peyton jersey, maybe even a Patriots, not doing the Eagles,” Manning said.

Fanatics is also expanding its presence in the gaming industry, aiming to become a significant player in collectibles and online sports betting. 

Rubin said that the company aims “to provide fans with a comprehensive digital sports experience,” including placing bets, purchasing merchandise, trading collectibles, and streaming games in the upcoming years.

“We really want the fan to be able to go to one place and get everything they want digitally. So I can place my bets online. I can get my merchandise. I can find buy and trade my collectibles. Over time, I can watch sports that I want to watch. So I think this plays a really important pivotal part into the long-term digital sports experience for Fanatics,” Rubin said. 


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