Germany’s Munich Airport was closed due to extreme weather, which has caused traffic mayhem throughout the area.

According to international media reports, the airport, which is an essential hub for transportation, will not be operating any flights on Tuesday from 6:00 am to noon. The weather forecast, which calls for freezing rain and severe snowfall overnight and poses serious threats to safe flight operations, prompted the decision.

Prioritising passenger safety and enabling airport personnel to de-ice the runway during this time are the two main goals of the closure. However, officials expect that more cancellations may be necessary for safety concerns throughout the day owing to the predicted weather.

Travellers planning to use Munich Airport are advised to stay in contact with their airlines for any updates or potential modifications to their flight schedules.

The airport closure comes after heavy snowfall over the weekend forced a shutdown that severely disrupted transport services, including train and air travel throughout Bavaria.

Munich’s local train services are nevertheless affected by the ongoing cold, even if train service has been resumed. There are still very few long-distance trains running regularly at the main train station.

The intensity of the weather’s impact on transport in southern Germany is highlighted by the series of closures and continuous travel interruptions.

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