CHENNAI: This year has turned out to be the best one ever for German luxury carmaker BMW — the company has already crossed its 2018 high of 11,105 in January-November sales.
BMW Group India president Vikram Pawah said, “We have seen car sales grow 40% year-on-year and motorcycle sales rise 46% in January-November 2022. This is the best year ever for BMW in India.”
The company is also contemplating a price increase in January 2023.
“There is a big push on raw material prices, logistics cost and price of electric components so we will have to take a price increase but we have not yet decided whether it will be across the range or how much it will be,” he added.
The company launched the S1000 RR motorcycle, priced at Rs 20.3-24.5 lakh, over the weekend. The S1000 RR is an imported motorcycle and its deliveries will commence from February. This, said Pawah, is in keeping with BMW’s dual strategy of both manufacturing in India in collaboration with partner TVS as well as dipping into its global range.
Despite the “strong recovery” after Covid, BMW will not hit peak capacity at its Chennai plant for another two, three years at least.


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