Women and their choice of clothes always become a topic of debate online. It’s one of the ‘hot topics’ of discussion that everyone freely gives their opinion about, including celebrities. Veteran actor Behroze Sabzwari appeared on Nadir Ali’s podcast and shared his take on the increasing “vulgarity” in dramas and also advised female actors to dress more “appropriately” onscreen.

After the host highlighted how “vulgarity is becoming a norm in Pakistani dramas,” the Chauraha actor immediately confessed to taking part in such projects as well.

“Yes, I am against all of this but I am also acting in these dramas and that’s the bitter truth. In these narratives, sisters are having affairs with their brothers-in-law. I don’t like these scripts and watching them with family is absurd to me. I mean what is this nonsense, is there no other subject left to explore for writers?” lamented Sabzwari.

Moving on, Sabzwari also disclosed why penning such scripts are in fashion today. He said, “It’s wrong, but the viewership is massive and the ratings of these dramas always skyrocket. Now if one takes their clothes off onscreen that will do the trick too.”

Taking his moment, Ali then diverted the subject to female actors and how they wear “see-through pajamas on sets to grab attention.”

In response to Ali, Sabzwari then advised actors to take pay more attention to their dress code. He remarked, “They should think about this. [Their choice of clothing]. It is the responsibility of an actor to take control of their attire and make sure they aren’t dressed in something that doesn’t look pleasing.”

Sabzwari also pointed out that the clothes in style today are mostly adopted from other cultures. “Why don’t we wear our own cultural attire like shalwar kameez and dupatta? Allah will grant you respect even in these clothes. You don’t get popular by copying clothes from foreign countries, you actually get disrespected in society,” added the Tanhaiyaan actor.

The veteran then acknowledged that harassment and a women’s clothing have no connection. “I’m not against women having the freedom to choose their clothes. They have the right to do whatever they want. It upsets me when a woman is fully clad in a burqa and still is subjected to harassment by men. I mean, even while driving their bikes, they start looking at women just walking on the road. Like, what are you doing, look ahead!” said Sabzwari.

Again, going back to his initial comment, the actor still maintained that he would advise women to dress more suitably in public, whether she is an actor or an ordinary citizen sitting on a bike.  “Some women wear inappropriate clothes, very see-through and tight. I believe that is wrong. Our showbiz is also packed with highly educated and knowledgeable actors. They are quite aware of how men think and so does everyone else here. [Referring to everyone on the podcast’s set] So, they should take care of what they are wearing,” concluded the Ankahi actor.

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