New Delhi: Imagine having to pay taxes to two states while residing in one home. Consider living in the same home but eating supper and sleeping in different locations. The thirteen-person Pawar family, whose home is divided between Telangana and Maharashtra, crosses state lines every day.

According to sources, the family residence is situated close to the boundary between Maharashtra and Telangana in the Chandrapur district’s Simavarti Jivati tehsil’s Maharajaguda hamlet. The family has been paying property taxes to both Maharashtra and Telangana for years because the property borders both states. (Also Read: THIS business tycoon takes newly-bought helicopter to temple for ‘Vahan puja’–Watch video here)

However, not all of it is terrible for them. By owning vehicles with the registration initials MH and TS, they also benefit from the beneficiary programmes of the two states. It goes without saying that their property is well-known in the hamlet and now in India as a whole. (Also Read: Low investment high-profit business idea: Invest Rs 1 lakh, earn Rs 1 lakh per month–Details inside)

According to reports, the house contains a total of ten rooms, including the kitchen, four of which are located in Telangana. Maharashtra is where several of the bedrooms and the main hall are located. 13 members of the Pawar family, including the brothers Uttam and Chandu Pawar, live in the unusual home.

When the border conflict was resolved in 1969, the Pawar family’s land was split into two states. Their family home was split into two states as a result.

“This home is home to about 12 to 13 of us. I have a kitchen in Telangana. We were informed that half of our house is in Maharashtra and the other half is in Telangana when the boundary was examined in 1969. We haven’t encountered any issues. According to the Telangana government’s programmes, we pay taxes to the gramme panchayats of both states and receive greater benefits, according to one of the brothers.


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