Indian rapper Badshah has recently found himself at the centre of a controversy surrounding the lyrics of his latest song, Issa Vibe. After facing backlash from fans who believed he had insulted the popular K-pop band BTS, Badshah took to social media to provide a clarification.

In the song Issa Vibe, Badshah is heard saying, “Playlist pe Bad Bunny BTS biba, har raat beer peeni hai tujhe kiba.” The Punjabi word biba meaning “woman” caused a stir among fans, who believed the rapper was using it in a derogatory manner.

BTS, comprising members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, is a globally renowned K-pop band with an enormous fan following. Their fans, known as the BTS Army, are highly dedicated and protective of the group.

Following the backlash and misconceptions, Badshah has addressed the issue on his Instagram Stories. The rapper wrote, “Playlist mein Bad Bunny, BTS ‘Bieber’,” referring to Justin Bieber. Social media platforms have since been filled with messages of appreciation from fans who are relieved to know that the alleged insult was a misunderstanding.

This is not the first time Badshah has faced criticism for his song lyrics. In May of this year, he issued an apology after objections were raised over the lyrics of his song Sanak. A Hindu priest had criticized Badshah for incorporating the name of Lord Shiva (Bholenath) alongside obscene words in the song.

In the case of Badshah’s song Issa Vibe, the rapper has clarified that the word ‘bibba‘ was not meant as an insult toward BTS, as was mistakenly perceived by some fans. It highlights the importance of understanding lyrics in their intended context and avoiding hasty conclusions.

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