New Delhi: Even large restaurant brands must alter their menus in India in order to appeal to the local market. Domino’s has undergone a more significant transition in a world of food where Burger King holds the gastronomic throne with its Paneer King burger, KFC tempts with the “paneer zinger,” and Starbucks serves tandoori paneer buns.

The brand has composed a symphony that harmonises regional tastes with a splash of Western flair, starting with the very essence of its flour and ending with its overarching character. (Also Read: India’s Cities Ranked By Cost Of Living: Check The Most Expensive And Best Pocket-Friendly Cities To Live In)

The outcome? Domino’s is the leading foreign restaurant brand in India, with an expansive presence of 806 locations distributed across 170 cities, which is double the size of McDonald’s footprint. (Also Read: A Night Of Pure Luxury: This Luxurious Hotel Costs Rs 12.15 Lakh Per Night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Also Stayed There – Check Pics)

The cheapest Domino’s pizza may be found in India. Domino’s has become the most prosperous multinational fast-food business in India because to a clever combination of invention, market knowledge, and a splash of Western flair.

But do you know who is responsible for Dominos’ extraordinary success in India, which has made it the largest market outside of the United States?

Ajay Kaul was the person who revolutionized Domino’s and made India the only nation where Domino’s was larger than McDonald’s. Jubilant Foodworks, which holds the franchise of Domino’s in India, was led by Ajay Kaul at the time.

Ajay Kaul: Academic Career

Ajay Kaul was predisposed to success due to his academic background, which included degrees from the Xavier School of Management (XLRI), Jamshedpur, and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. However, the worlds of food and hospitality will eventually cross his path.

Ajay Kaul: Innovation

The scope of Kaul’s idea went beyond just cooking pizza. He realized that Domino’s needed to rethink its value proposition by making its pizzas more accessible to the general public.

He launched game-changing efforts including the Rs 35 Pizza Mania campaign and the Fun-Meal pizza line, which made single pizza portions affordable for all. These tactics revolutionized the pizza category in India while also lowering the cost of indulgence.

Additionally, Kaul gave Domino’s delivery service a fresh lease on life by highlighting the well-known “30 minutes or free” slogan. This tactic raised client expectations while also differentiating the brand in terms of swift service.

Ajay Kaul: Domino’s Success

Kaul’s aptitude for leadership quickly paid off. Jubilant Foodworks’ turnover increased dramatically during his leadership, jumping from Rs73 crore ($11 million) in 2005 to Rs2,410 crore ($362.2 million) in 2016, a startling 33 times increase.

During his leadership, Domino’s footprint in India increased from 93 outlets to an amazing network of over 1,062 locations. This achievement cemented Kaul’s position as the inspiration behind Domino’s astronomical success in the nation and made India the largest market for Domino’s outside of the United States.

Ajay Kaul: Personal Life

Ajay Kaul’s hobbies and involvements outside of work are a reflection of his complex personality. He plays bridge and golf frequently, and his love of music and singing reveals his creative side.

His involvement in many humanitarian initiatives, which bears witness to his dedication to having a positive impact on society, demonstrates his social conscience.

Ajay Kaul: Sadhguru Connection

The relationship Ajay Kaul has with renowned spiritual teacher Sadhguru is one intriguing part of his life. Kaul actively participates in the “Isha Insights” CEO Leadership Programme at the Isha Leadership Academy, a company founded on the teachings of Sadhguru.

Kaul’s commitment to holistic growth and development—not just in the corporate world but also on a personal and spiritual level—is highlighted by this partnership.



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