Now, an update on a story we reported one year ago. 

Alessandro Michele, the eccentric creative director of the House of Gucci sat atop the world of high fashion in Rome. Nearly 7 years into his tenure, he had transformed the Gucci image with edgy, odd and outrageous designs.

But in fashion, something once in must eventually be out. In late November, the fashion house and the designer parted ways.  As he told us, it was a day he expected would come.

“You said after that first show you were worried they were gonna fire you,” correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi said to Michele at that time, “Are you feeling a little more confident now?”

“I love to feel insecure in a way,” Michele said. “It make me feel creative. It’s almost like life. It’s not forever. That’s the most beautiful thing, that nothing’s forever. That’s why it’s precious.”


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