Distracting yourself with music or conversations helps fight motion sickness.

While experiencing motion sickness, it might help to sit by an open window and let the air come in and make you feel better.

If you are someone who likes to travel a lot but suffers from motion sickness, this should make an interesting read. We know how it can totally take away the joy of a well-planned trip. Motion sickness is characterised by nausea and throwing up while you are in a vehicle.

When the movement you perceive conflicts with what your inner ear detects, it results in motion sickness. Vertigo, nausea, and vomiting may result from this. Motion sickness can occur in a car, as well as in a train, aircraft, boat or ride at an amusement park. Let us talk about some remedial or precautionary measures you can take while travelling to avoid feeling discomfort. Please understand that none of the measures mentioned below are cures. If you keep experiencing motion sickness quite often, see a doctor.

Distract yourself with music or conversations

It is a known fact that when you distract yourself deliberately from physical pain or discomfort, you feel a lot better. Try the same here, plug in your earphones and listen to music or talk with someone else when experiencing motion sickness. And do not try to read during journeys. Trying to read while in motion can cause dizziness and aggravates the problem.

Sit by the window

If you are on public transport that is quite congested or there is excessive heat and humidity, you may feel nauseous while travelling. It might help to sit by an open window and let the air come in and make you feel better.

Drink water

If you have motion sickness, it is a must to keep drinking water from time to time while you travel. When travelling, especially when flying or on a long car journey, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water. Dehydration can occur because the cabin air can be quite dry. You can avoid headaches, exhaustion and other dehydration-related symptoms by staying hydrated with water.

Change your sitting position

If you think that sitting in a certain different way or even lying down makes you feel better, try to find an optimal position. This helps to control the nauseating feeling.

Doctor prescribed medicine

Lastly, if none of these work, you should consult a doctor and take medicines fighting nausea after getting them prescribed. Always keep these medicines with you while travelling.

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